Differentiated Instruction in Education


  • Dr. D. Sumathi Desinguraj ) Assistant Professor, School of Education, Tamil Nadu Open University, Saidapet, Chennai-15
  • Mrs. J. Shyla Gnanam Ebenezer ) Research Scholar, School of Education,Tamil Nadu Open University, Saidapet, Chennai 15




Teaching the students according to the individual differences


Differentiated instruction is a way of planning and giving learning experiences according to the individual differences of the learners. Learners differ in their prior educational experiences, knowledge, interests, learning styles, personal experiences, readiness levels, motivation levels, and in their aptitudes. Traditional teaching methods do not address the student diversity in the classroom. So educators differentiate instructions in such a way that students of different grade levels grasp the concepts and exhibit mastery in the learned concepts.  Students are provided with multiple opportunities and options for taking in and making sense of the information they receive. In this article some of the advantages or merits of differentiated instructions are discussed.


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DOI: 10.53724/ambition/v5n4.04
Published: 05-08-2021

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