A Study of Social Media Marketing Strategies Effectiveness on Consumers of Gwalior District





Social media marketing, marketing strategies, purchase intention


An enormous development in the technological environment has fabricated the world of media. The collaboration, communication, consumption, and creation are reframed as the means of social media marketing. The recent development in the digital market and landscape shows social media embraces it to entice, engage, and transact with customers. Social media marketing spawns consumer traffic through techniques including online communities, social networks, blog creation, and many more through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Social media marketing strategies involve the set of actions through which a company or organization expects to achieve its targeted audience by means of social media. A large section of the young generation is using various social media and to attract these consumers’ social media marketing strategies are set. Therefore, this paper strategically studies the factors affecting consumers' purchase intentions through social media marketing strategies. The research paper also focuses on defining the relationship between social media marketing and its strategies. Also, the paper examines the shift in the demand of customers due to social media marketing strategies.


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DOI: 10.53724/ambition/v8n1.04
Published: 30-05-2023

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