An Analysis Related To Job Stress (With reference to Healthcare Personnel of Prayagraj Region)


  • Aparajita Singh Ph.D. Scholar, Joseph School of Business Studies, SHUATS-Prayagraj
  • Dr. Sneh P. Daniel Assistant Professor, Joseph School of Business Studies, SHUATS-Prayagraj



Stress, Healthcare Workers, Stressors, Source of Stress, Managing Stress


Any change in work, work pattern and working environment which is perceived as of adversial kind can create stress often called a “Silent Killer”. Stress is perceptual aspect as what is stress to one may not be stress to another due to perceptual differences. When it comes to the stress in healthcare, by nature highly volatile, highly stressful sector due to large level of unprediction in nature of job, job hours, needs of patients, nature of diseases and treatment required, all are quite variable. Rising complexities in the healthcare sector are compounded with surge in the job expectations and role expectations with the healthcare workers, while at the same there is sharp fall in the numbers of workers willing to serve in the sector. All these prompted to conduct a descriptive research study in healthcare sector with aims to identify the causes behind stress among healthcare workers, nature of stress experienced by them and to arrive with viable techniques of stress management for them. The research design is qualitative by nature, based on the analysis of available secondary data as well as survey of healthcare professionals, staff and support system. The tool used for primary data collection is questionnaire circulated among healthcare professionals and staff of the hospitals in Prayagraj. The study revealed the prime sources of stress and impacts on the service providers as well as on the healthcare sector itself. The research study concluded with some result-oriented measurements to decline the level of stress experienced in general by the healthcare workers and professionals.


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Dola Saha, Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Kankshi Bhavsar, Understanding J


DOI: 10.53724/ambition/v5n4.03
Published: 28-02-2021

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Aparajita Singh, & Dr. Sneh P. Daniel. (2021). An Analysis Related To Job Stress (With reference to Healthcare Personnel of Prayagraj Region). Research Ambition an International Multidisciplinary E-Journal, 5(IV), 06–10.