Analysing “Mob Lynching” In India




Cow vigilantism, Child lifting, Heinous Crimes, Collective Violence, Victims


In democratic societies, citizens play a pivotal role in fostering growth. However, when unchecked, this power can lead to alarming consequences. A pressing issue in contemporary democracies is "Mob Lynching," where individuals, bypassing legal procedures, mete out harsh and extrajudicial punishments. This form of violence is a grave deviation from societal norms, characterized by extreme cruelty and anti-social tendencies. The proliferation of such incidents on social media has spurred debates but hasn't always culminated in justice. The escalating frequency of mob lynching serves as a warning for the nation's guardians. If unchecked, India risks being dubbed "Lynchistan". It's crucial to curb such activities to protect individual rights and maintain societal harmony. This research delves into the phenomenon of mob lynching in India, exploring its root causes. By deciphering these factors, the study aims to provide recommendations to mitigate such distressing events in our society.


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DOI: 10.53724/ambition/v8n2.02
Published: 30-08-2023

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