Macroeconomic Forecast and Investment Decisions for China in 2023




China assets, investment strategy, GDP


The global equity investment market in 2023 is paying extra attention to Chinese assets, which are generally considered to be at a low valuation, while the economic situation in China will get a quicker recovery with the liberalization of released pandemic policies, and Chinese assets are in a value depression in the long cycle. Global investors' concerns about potential economic risks in Europe and the U.S., especially the shift in the Federal Reserve's interest rate policy, have further promoted the intention to diversify. Based on our years of experience in policy interpretation and judgment of stock market development trends, this paper presents detailed macro forecasts and corresponding investment strategies from the perspective of the main components of GDP as well as fiscal and monetary policies, with extra emphasis on the timing of the rebound in China's domestic consumption sector, providing a reference for Chinese and foreign investors.


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DOI: 10.53724/ambition/v7n4.03
Published: 28-02-2023

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