Reflection of Social Evils and Humanism in the Major Novels of Mulk Raj Anand




Metaphor, Untouchability, Casteism, Capitalism, Imperialism, Colonialism, Religious Orthodoxy, Humanism


A writer does not come from the alien but he or she is a product of contemporary society. In the works of a particular author, the reflection of contemporary life can be seen. Mulk Raj Anand is not an exception of it. In the works of the writer, a reflection of contemporary social and political life, a reflection of true human emotion and feeling and love for humanity can be seen easily. The writer considered art should be for life's sake. There should be a reflection of contemporary society. As a true reformist as well as a humanist, he wanted to bring radical change to society. He attacked the contemporary social evils namely untouchability, casteism, capitalism, feudalism, imperialism, colonialism, century-old conventions, and religious orthodoxy which hamper the overall development of Indian people. He not only attacked but also inculcated in them human values and made the people aware of the suffering and exploitation of untouchables, the poor, the women, and the common masses. He tried to inculcate the feeling of love and friendship in the mind of the people. Human dignity is the highest among all the fundamental rights. The writer has fought for the liberty, equality, justice, and basic human needs of the people. Bakha, Munoo, and other major characters of different novels are only metaphors to present human miseries and solutions for same and send a message to the people to be aware of the human miseries and in our action, such activity should not come which can hurt the feeling of the others. Complete abolition of social evils is the demand of the present time.


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DOI: 10.53724/ambition/v7n2.05
Published: 30-08-2022

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