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Influence of Orgainisation Factors on Employee Motivationn in Banking Sector



Ms. Sheetal Jain, Dr. A. K. Mandil

Employee Motivation is essential for any organization to achieve its goals. When employees are motivated to work, they will put their best effort in the tasks which ultimately leads toward organization growth. In this research we analyzed the Influence of organizational factors on employee motivation. In this study a self-designed questionnaire is framed for data collection. Cronbach alpha test of reliability is applied to measure the reliability of the questionnaires. Regression is applied to find out the Influence of Organization factors on employee motivation. Correlation is applied to the measure the level or extent to which the two variables Organization factors and employee motivation vary with reference to each other. In this study we find out that there is positive and significant correlation between Organization factors and Employee motivation and we also found that Organization factors has a significant impact on employee motivation.

Employee motivation, Organization factors.