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ISSN: 2456-0146
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Self: narrative, Non Narrative or Both?



Sumegha Goyal

The purpose of this paper is to understand how we experience and represent self. I would elaborate on this by firstly, stating some of the different perspectives on self. I would then primarily locate this discussion by distinguishing two popular ways of experiencing self i.e. EPISODIC and DIACHRONIC and two accounts of self-representation i.e. NARRATIVE and NON-NARRATIVE. Next, I will present arguments explaining why philosophers have favored Narrativist account on one side, and objections raised against Narrativist by Non-Narrativist like Galen Strawson on another. Lastly, In agreement with James L. Battersby’s viewpoint in his essay, “Narrativity, Self and Self-Representation”, I will discuss the conception of self-experience that is "complicatedly diachronic and episodic, one that also puts special emphasis on the self's elusive, ungraspable, but somehow readily available nature". Thereby, I will defend the way of representation of self which can be both narrative as well as non-narrative.

Self, Narrative, Non-Narrative