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Depiction of an ideal woman in Kamala Markandaya’s Nectar in a Sieve



Manoj Kumar

Kamala Markandaya is a pseudonym for by Kamala Purnaiya Taylor. She was an Indian novelist and journalist. She is a well-known literary figure in the whole world. She was born in Mysore, India. She settled in Britain after India got independence. Most of her works represent the longing for her native country i.e. India and the culture and civilization Kamala Markandaya encountered in India. She is known for depicting cultural clash between Indian urban and rural societies. She won international fame and recognition with the publication of her novel Nectar in a Sieve in 1954. It was her first but a bestseller novel. The novel is set in India during the rapid phase of transition. In most of her novels women have significant place. Her male and female protagonists have life-affirming qualities and all important feature which make them true to themselves. There is clear cut presentation of a very wonderful how strong women are aware of the fact that she has strength enough for different kinds of journeys. On the other hand women of strength very clearly instilled with the idea that it is in the journey where they will be mentally, physically and emotionally strong. By making very common people the central characters of her novels, she has highlighted their roles and importance in present-day world. Kamala Markandaya has portrayed women characters into being through her novels and ways. She enlivens her women characters which seems very real and neighbouring to us. Kamala realizes her sagacity and perfection in launching female characters as her protagonists.

Endurance, Exploitation, Actualization, Anxiety, Adherence